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Normal City Phenomenon Foundation (Fundacja Normalne Miasto – Fenomen)

Normal City Phenomenon Foundation (pol. Fundacja Normalne Miasto – Fenomen)


Foundation was established in 2009. It is laid by people who have met online (via Polis newspaper forum, blogs or photo blogs). They cooperated with local government in creating and supporting socioeconomic programs aimed at regional development and increasing quality of life. For example, they prepared project “Library scanning” (implemented in years 2014-2016). The project was aimed at the monitoring of public libraries in Łódź. It led to the recommendations for the local government.

Foundation had many projects which required cooperation with local government. They successfully implemented several projects in Łódź not only in the domain of civic tech of transparency, but also public transportation and road safety. They do volunteer projects but also it presents an offer for officials. Since few years, however, cooperation stopped.

NGO(s) involved:

Normal City Phenomenon Foundation

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