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Better Gdańsk (Lepszy Gdańsk)

Better Gdańsk (pol. Lepszy Gdańsk)


An urban movement based in Gdańsk. Their aim is to create the city more friendly and just for its citizens. They also promote open data and transparency across all city functions. Activists ran in local elections in 2018.

After the elections, they signed an agreement with the local government represented by the mayor of Gdańsk. Mayor agreed that together they will be implementing postulates of “Better Gdańsk” in the city. It makes them interesting as an example, as it is undoubtedly a big success (however, they did not win the elections). It is worth checking if the collaboration worked.

NGO(s) involved:

Lepszy Gdańsk

Local government(s) involved:

City of Gdańsk (President)

#transparency #activecitizens #urbandevelopment