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People for the City (Ludzie dla Miasta)

People for the City (pol. Ludzie dla Miasta)

Gorzów Wielkopolski

Association established in 2014 as a response for the project of cutting 27 trees in the city center. Activists took part in local elections and had 7 representatives in the City Council (2014-2018). Right now, after the elections of 2018, they have four representatives in the City Council. They collaborate with local government in the field of social participation and transparency. Right now they are planning to launch a communication platform for the citizens called “Your City Gorzów”. The platform will provide information and tools (in the form of e-services) and will be created in the close collaboration with local government, inhabitants of the city and other stakeholders.

The case is interesting as this association has its political representation in the City Council. It will be interesting to look if it facilitates collaboration with local government, or it is the barrier for further collaboration. They also collaborate with other NGOs on the country level.

NGO(s) involved:

Ludzie dla Miasta

Local government(s) involved:

Gorzów Wielkopolski

#transparency #activecitizens #urbandevelopment