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Rădăuțiul Civic

Rădăuțiul Civic


“Rădăuțiul Civic​ started the collaboration with the local authorties by offereing their help and their expertise, in order to gain trust from the local authorities. For example, they offered their help in updating and making the City Hall’s website in accordance with transparency criteria. Despite the help they gave to the local authorities, they also play a watchdog role in the community, but they are really careful not to make unjustified criticisms and not to be subjective.

For a communty with only 30.000 inhabitants, they are doing a really great job. Despite the criticism over the local authorities actions, they gained their respect and also citizens’ trust.”

NGO(s) involved:

Rădăuțiul Civic

Local government(s) involved:

Rădăuți Local Authorities

#activecitizenship #transparency #accountability