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Hungarian street-fixing or maintenance application, which is the Hungarian version of the UK platform “Fix My Street”. The application enables passers-by to report street infrastructure problems or malfunction and subsequently inform the relevant department within local authorities. It was originally launched in 2012, as a localised version of ‘Letter to the Mayor’ (Odkaz pre starostu) run by Slovak Governance Institute. Járókelő itself does not answer complaints: it facilitates a platform for citizens to report local problems. The report is reviewed by administrators (volunteers) of the website, and it is sent to the local government or service provider by email, which is subsequently shown on the website, to inform the users as well as the response from the local office.

The submissions are tracked as “solved”, “unsolved” and/or “in progress” on the website enable the users to follow the progress of the whole process. The main difference between Járókelő and other platforms, such as “Fix My Street” is that the official answers are made public. For this reason, by putting pressure and building corporations with local maintenance companies, Járókelő was able to facilitate the solution of these infrastructure problems in many Hungarian municipalities both in Budapest and the countryside.

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In all the 23 districts of Budapest and 22 other cities

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