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Civil Roundtable Eger

Civil Roundtable Eger

Eger, Hungary

The CSO roundtable of Eger founded in 1994 is the oldest autonomous city level CSO network in Hungary, and a role model of other city level collaborations. It is institutionalized in a democratic style: the Forum (held every year) choses the Section (=working group) leaders and the round table board members. The president of the roundtable is altered every month. The CSO roundtable in Eger (unlike other roundtables) lacks a formal organization and the formal leadership. Our interviewee mentioned the green movement as a source of inspiration for the organizational form. There are about 120 organizations invited to the forum, of which 90-100 are participating. 42 representatives are chosen to the roundtable every year.

Complete transparency of the decision making process, the recruitment of the temporary leaders and the debates (reports/video records are available on ECK’s website). Members and leaders of the different sections and the Forum itself are elected through democratic procedures. Decisions are made through deliberation and collective decision making. Members can be part of the Jury of the Eger Civil Fund and as a civilian delegate to the specialized committees of the municipality (also rotated, incompatible with applying for the same funds). The organizations that make up the network can get new information and ideas during professional counseling, participate in trainings, tender preparations, and workshops.

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