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Bona Fides Association

Bona Fides Association


This association has been active in building and supporting groups of inhabitants and local government since 14 years. They teach officials how to conduct a dialogue with non-governmental organization. They also prepare projects of law acts and motions, whose purpose is to improve the quality of life and ensure transparency in work of local government (for example, they created programs for seniors and big families). Bonas Fides supports open data (they help local governments to improve Bulletins of Public Information) and social participation (they conduct public consultations).

They are interesting as an example as they connect two functions: from the one hand they support the monitoring of local governments, on the other, they do the workshops for officials and teach them how to communicate with citizens. They are oriented directly towards collaboration with local governments.

NGO(s) involved:

Bona Fides Association

Local government(s) involved:

They collaborated with more than 10 local governments in Poland

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